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Top Five Rare Fungus Rankings

Top Five Rare Fungus Rankings

1. Cordyceps sinensis

We all know that Cordyceps is a very valuable Chinese medicine. It is one of the nine great immortals of China. It grows on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at a high altitude. It is now extremely rare and is a rare fungus.


2. Morels

Morel is a rare and valuable fungus recognized in the world. It has high edible and medicinal value, rich in various nutrients, and has excellent curative effects in anti-cancer. It has always been regarded as high-end in developed countries. Supplements.


3. Matsutake

Matsutake is a natural medicinal fungus and an endangered protected species. Because the number of wild Matsutake is becoming scarce, its price is also soaring. my country's Shangri-La is one of the most famous Matsutake producing areas and ranks among the world's exporting Matsutake. Forefront.


4. Boletus

Boletus is a kind of wild edible mushroom, especially red bolete is a kind of boletus. It is a very famous edible mushroom in our country, and it is also regarded as a treasure of the mountain. It has food tonic effect and anti-cancer effect. They are all very tall.


5. Chicken fir mushroom

Chicken fir fungus and termites symbiosis, it is a common ecosystem. This fungus is also a very famous high-end edible fungus in our country. It has various cooking methods and is rich in food supplement value. It is distributed in forests in Yunnan and other places. It is a special and superior fungus. of.

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